Our Clients

  • Lira Cosmecuticals, Inc.

    U.S. and international skincare and salon products manufacturer and distributor

  • National Financial Institution

    Using a revolutionary technology platform facilitating credit for purchases in home improvement, specialty retail, integrated solutions, patient solutions, anytime, any place, by phone, website or mobile app

  • JA Design & Construction, Inc.

    Specialty contemporary Japanese and American Craftsman design

  • Residential Solar Contractor

    Installations throughout California

  • Commercial Solar Developer

    Projects throughout Japan and East Africa

  • Central Valley Agriculture

    Almond Ranch and Processing

  • Chestnut Company

    Specialty Retail Build-out Project Management

  • Dissigno

    International Lighting Project Integrator CA/Tanzania

  • Executive Search

    International CA/Japan

  • Educational Non-profit

    International CA/Morocco

  • Ethanol Technology

    Biomass CA/Japan

  • IP Convergence Testing Hardware Manufacturer


  • Lighting Manufacturer

    Industrial and Residential LED Lighting Technology

  • Religious Non-profit

    International CA/Japan

  • SPG Solar, Inc.

    Solar Design and Construction

  • Thompson Technologies Industries, Inc.

    Photovoltaic Mounting Systems

  • U.S. Commercial Service

    Export Facilitation Service Provider